by Sheree

HI Grandma,

I added onto my home and had my things in storage (MISTAKE) for 6 months. OMG now I have had to deal with silverfish, (which I have never had) for over a year now. I do not see a lot of them ever or even everyday, but every now and then I will see one in my kitchen by my garbage can area. Also have had issues with my clothes, holes in them.

Any real safe solution I would so appreciate from you, thanks so much,



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May 05, 2010
Silverfish & Natural Pest Control
by: Grandma

Hi Sheree,

I'm so sorry it took a few days to get back to you, I've been so busy with Grandpa and his hernia operation.

Silverfish love to live in damp, warm conditions and most likely your storage area was a perfect enviroment for them.

They love to eat glue and books and really love eating the glue on postage stamps. But they are also attracted to things in kitchens, like oatmeal, flour and sugar.

The first thing I'd do is try to get your clothing and whatever your finding the silverfish in and store them in a very dry area. You can bait them with a glass jar and butter or put potroleum jelly inside the jar and a popsicle stick for a ramp for them to climb down on and put some flour and sugar inside the jar once they climb down they won't be able to get back out. You can also soak some cotton balls in lavender oil and place them around the areas you're seeing them, it will repel the silverfish and they'll find a new home. Another remedy is to place some Tanglefoot, or tape on some cardboard and place some oatmeal in the center they will stick to the cardboard and then you can just throw the cardboard out.

Hope this helps,


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