Peeled Onion, Potaotes and other Waste Veg Tip

by Rita Rodrigues
(Doha Qatar)

Don't throw away the plastics or paper wrapping while u buy food stuffs, keep it in separate draw, while u r peeling off potatoes or onions or other waste vegetables put these waste in the plastics and wrap nicely then throw away, your dustbin will not give away bad smell, also the fish or meat after cleaning it, u might have no time to throw out right away, collect these waste in a plastic and keep in refrigerator, when you are leaving out from your house any time of the day u can throw away from the refrigerator the waste bag of fish heads u have kept. Keeping the fish head in the dustbin not only give foul smell, but spoils your day and early morning.

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Dec 01, 2010
Two in One Tip
by: Grandma

Hello Rita,

I really enjoyed reading your handy kitchen tip. It not only helps keep the kitchen from getting that awful garbage smell but it also helps us remember to recycle the packages our food comes in.

Thank you so much for submitting your tip,


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