Pain in Joints and have Lipoma

I am a 43 year old woman.

I have lipoma where there are certain areas all over my arms, legs, and back that are full of lipoma. They keep growing bigger and they hurt alot if it is on my bones. What must I do?
Also whenever I get up I have problems walking immediately and it hurts alot near my heel and knees.

Whenever I try picking up something my palms and my thumb regions pain and I think it is Arthritis.
I am a pure vegetarian and so if I need to take anything extra please tell me.

Please give me some tips I need as I will be nearing menopause soon.

Please help me
Thank you

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Sep 27, 2010
Lipoma & Arthritis
by: Grandma

Hello Manisha,

You sure have a lot of painful problems for such a young woman. I doubt very much it could be your diet causing your problems since you're a vegetarian.

I think seeing a holistic practioner would be the best advice I could offer you. Lipoma is so painful and when you see it spreading something is causing this. You really need to get your immune system up to par. I realize how painful these fatty cysts can be since Grandpa had one on his elbow. He was in so much pain, just touching it drove him up a wall. I put him on the vinegar and honesy tonic for a few months and it seemed to help relieve it a lot. But then again, he was going to physical therapy for a shoulder injury and the therapist used ultra sound on his elbow, so I'm not really sure which helped him the most.

I would also start adding lemon to my drinking water just to help keep the liver flushed and free of toxins.

I've also read that turmeric is really good for lipoma. You can add it to your food each day and even in your coffee or tea or just warm water. You can also make an ointment using turmeric and olive oil and massage it on the areas that you see the lipoma.

Herbal Chickweed tincture has also been known to help relieve the pain and shrink cycsts. Beta Glucan is a known immune booster and attacks various tumors.

When dealing with herbal remedies you really need to just keep trying. That's why I suggest you see a holistic practioner would be your best bet. I can see you've been dealing with this a long time and I'm sure you're getting impatient. I would at least try the vinegar and honey tonic first to see if you notice any relief after a week or two. You can find the recipe on my website. Go to the button on the left that reads "Vinegar Tonic".


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