Out of Ideas!

by Michelle

I'm a 19 year old sophomore in college and have just recently stumped my campus doctor. I've been having frequent stomach aches since December and have brushed them off to be nothing more than a poor diet. But for the past 4 weeks now, they have been accomponied by a low grade fever (nothing over 100) and severe fatigue (sleeping 9-10 hours a night as opposed to my 7-8). My doctor tested me for mono, autoimmune diseases, blood infections, blood clots, and malaria (I had just returned from a trip to Dominican Republic). After all of these tests came back normal, the doctor said he didn't know what else to do and told me to come back in two weeks. I'm starting to worry that I may be seriously ill because the fever and fatigue are relentless. Any ideas as to what this may be?

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Mar 06, 2012
maybe something else
by: Beccie

Hi there,
I agree with Grandma that you didn't mention parasites. That I agree with to get checked out and do whatever it is she suggests on getting rid of them.
My other thought is that at your exact age is when my IBS started. I would want to know what side of your stomach is hurting. Do you pass a lot of gas? sorry had to ask. It took me many years probably 20 to find out and get a diagnosis of IBS and the other thing I might suggest to do is check out with your dr. about Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. You have all the symptoms of Fibro. with chronic fatigue. There are no blood tests for this. You may want to read up on that as well. There are special areas of your body that hurt alot with that diagnosis. It would be up to you to check that out. Also, there are also some things that they don't tell you like: all your nerves are over active so when you bump into something and it hurts much more than it used to, your nerves are very close to the top that it makes you say OUCH out loud when you used to just pass it up. Just a suggestion Beccie

Mar 05, 2012
A Few Guesses
by: Grandma

Hi Michelle,

It sounds to me that your doctor has run about every test but I noticed you didn't mention anything about testing for parasites. The symptoms that are making me suspecious is the low grade fever, stomach cramps and especially the fact that you were out of the country. Think about what you may have eaten or drank during that time.

I'd like you to go to my other website and read what I have written about parasites. Just go to:


I think you'll find this interesting. If you think you may be dealing with parasites the first thing I'd suggest is to get fresh garlic and eat it on everything, cook it on your food, or even just chop up fresh garlic and make some butter bread and spread the garlic over it. If you don't notice any relief after a few days then I'd suggest you try the para cleanse. Of course you should talk to your doctor about all this first. If you both decide this may be the problem you can find the para cleanse at my other website:


Just type in the search box...para cleanse

Like I said, you can read all about this at the website I mentioned above.


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