Olive Oil Shampoo

by SisNajmah

Good Morning,

One of your articles mentioned Olive Shampoo with a link for same. But, the link takes you to a page with other links about olive oil.

Do you have a "recipe" for the Olive Oil Shampoo listed in your article or do you have a product that you sell called "Olive Oil Shampoo?


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May 05, 2011
Olive Oil Shampoo Request
by: Grandma


I have been trying to get a new shipment of the olive oil shampoo I talk about in my article. It's all handmade on a farm by a family I have grown close to. It's a very unique shampoo that's great for so many hair & scalp solutions.

When I wrote the article I had an abundance to sell but the family I mentioned hasn't had the time to make it for some time now. I'm hoping they will find the time soon and when I get my order I will offer it for sale again.

I honestly don't know of anyone else that makes it, and they keep the recipe a secret.


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