Olive oil Shampoo Bar

Where to get the olive oil shampoo bar, do you know of a reputable site to purchase it? Are all shampoo bars created equal, etc. Thanks

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Oct 27, 2010
All Soaps are not Created Equal
by: Grandma


All bath soap or shampoo bars are not created equal. And that is why I wrote the pages about the Goat Milk and Olive Oil Soap and the Olive Oil Shampoo.

I honestly don't know of anywhere online I can recommend to you to buy these products. But then again, I've never really researched online to find it. I do know that a company that I have an affiliate with does sell Olive Oil Soap, you can find it under the button that reads "Easy Shopping". The company is LaTienda and there is a link to it on that page.

We all need to be careful of the soap and shampoo we use, it's so important to keep our skin clean and healthy without chemicals, dyes or perfumes.

I wish I could offer an unlimited supply of the products I write about but it's all homemade and handmade and the supply and demand is just more than they can keep up with.


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