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Home Remedy for Oily Dandruff

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Try this real simple home remedy for oily dandruff and stop using all that dandruff shampoo and conditioner that only makes your condition worse. Do you realize all that conditioner you're putting on your hair is nothing more than liquid plastic? Most shampoo on the market will cause your dandruff problems to get worse by giving you a dry itchy scalp, which makes your body produce more oils. It's your body's immune system trying to fix itself but sometimes it needs a bit of a boost to stop the cycle. That's where vinegar rinse comes in.

Everybody is different and experience different kinds of dandruff problems. If you're suffering from flakey dandruff from a dry itchy scalp then use this Home Remedy for Dry Itchy Scalp. Treatment for an oily scalp and dandruff is all together different.

Of course you still need to shampoo your hair. A mild shampoo, preferably a homemade shampoo with Olive Oil is wonderful for your hair. With this shampoo you will not need to use a conditoner because the olive oil will condition your hair naturally. The only difference is for oily dandruff you will need to rinse your hair with a vinegar rinse.

All you need is 1/2 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and mix with 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Gently pour the vinegar rinse over your hair after shamooping and dry as you usually do. Use this mixture each time you shampoo your hair and before you know it, your dandruff problems will be nothing more than a memory.

Read about more benefits of Apple Cider Vineger and how to pick the best kind for your health.

You can also use Distilled White Vinegar as a home remedy for oily dandruff.

For heavens sake, don't worry about smelling like a salad. Once your hair dries it will not only smell fresh and clean it will also shine and have body. The oils in your hair keeps it from being bouncy and hold a style, the vinegar rinse will make your hair manageable and you'll discover that you'll need to be shampoo less often.

Give this home remedy a try, it's so inexpensive and it's a real simple solution that will restore the PH balance to your hair and itchy scalp.


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