Occasional Kidney Discomfort.

by Angie
(Los Angeles,CA)

Hi Grandma. Can you suggest anything for keeping kidney's healthy and pain free beside drinking plenty of water and staying away from soda's and sugary beverages and foods?

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Jul 15, 2011
Keeping the Kidney's Clean
by: Grandma

Hello Angie,

The one little trick I've always relied on to keep the kidney and bladder clear is to drink all natural Cranberry juice at least a couple of times a week. Now if your dealing with a kidney or bladder infection you'd drink a lot more. Cranberry juice helps keep the bacteria from sticking to the lining of your kidneys and bladder. Of course that's besides drinking plenty of fresh spring water.

A friend was dealing with kidney and bladder problems and her doctor was very old-fashioned and he suggested she enjoy a cold beer every once in awhile to keep things flushed.

Besides that, eating an apple everyday is another good preventive remedy for many health issues.


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