Neuropathy & Home Remedies

by deb
(edon ohio)

My husband suffers from neuropathy due to diabetes,he is insulin dependent,and is on several drugs to help ease his pain,but they don't work well for him after several doctors and hospital stays, pain manangement,and some old time remedys,nothing works he suffers from grand mal seizures they say due to his diabetes, any suggestions would be appreciated,thank you

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Sep 03, 2010
Neuropathy & Diabetes
by: Grandma

Hello Deb,

God love you, my heart aches for what you must be going through with your husband.

I really needed to do some research on his diagnosis and symptoms I'm really not that familiar with these disorders. What I discovered was your poor husband is really suffering. To be honest I'm a little afraid to even suggest treatments, so anything I do suggest please make sure you talk to his Dr.'s about it before trying.

First of all, I'd like you to go to the area I wrote about Diabetes Treament. You can find it if you click on the tab on the left that says "Ailments/Remedy". Then go to the link that says "Diabetes Treatment". You'll find a lot of good suggestions to help get his diabetes under control naturally. But you will still have to keep giving him his insulin and keep him under the Dr.'s care. I'm sure you realize that.

As far as the Neuropathy and his severe pain the first thing I'd suggest is getting him started on B vitamins. An herb that might help with his pain is "capsaicin". It's made from red chili peppers and known to be really good to control this kind of pain. In my opinion, I think one of the best things that would help your husband is medical marijuana. I realize it's still illigal in Ohio and alot of people, maybe even you, will gasp when you read this but I feel it's one of the best medical herbs for people that are suffering, like your husband. I read that cannabinoids, found in marijuana, is one of the ingredients in some of the medications prescribed by Dr.'s for neuropathy. Since buying medical marijuana is still illegal in Ohio I'd run this by his physician. I have heard that in some severe cases it can be prescribed. It's worth a try.

One last thing that I think might help you husband is, Magnisia Phosphorica 6X, #8. This is a natural muscle relaxer, and can control muscle cramps and pains. It's a natural mineral that our bodies seem to lack as we age or go through truma. It's very inexpensive and can be found at most health food stores or online. I take magnesia mayself everyday since before and after I've had knee surgery.

Again, please run anything I wrote here past your husband physicians, the last thing I'd want to do is suggest anything they disagree with any medications he's now on.

As far as the grand mal seizures I think if you can get his other symptoms under some control the seizures will subside.

God Bless you Deb, you and your husband will be in my prayers,


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