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i live on an island in the philippines. there is no grape jelly or canned cat food available,so i substituted sweetened condensed milk and canned corned beef, mixed your recipe ,including the boric acid,and put in glass jars with holes in the caps so my dogs cant get to it, and put near the termites. no termites appear to be going in and out of the hole . how do i get the termites to eat the mixture when they eat wood and stay in their protective tunnel tracks?

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Oct 14, 2014
Natural Termite Recipe
by: Patricia


The first thing I want to mention is, termites won't go into a jar, they only follow their natural paths that they have mapped out. So here's what I'd suggest.

Instead of the recipe you tried, you need to find a very ripe fruit to mash and mix with sugar or honey. I have no idea what kind of fruit you have access to on the island but I'm sure you'll come up with something. Then try some kind of fish that has a strong odor. Mash a piece of the fish and mix with your fruit and sugar, then add the boric acid. Locate a plastic pipe about a foot long and put small holes along the pipe, spread the mixture inside the pipe, as far inside as you can so your dogs can't lick it out. You will need to bury the pipe in the termites path about a foot down into the ground, cover with dirt and put stones on top so your dogs won't dig it out. This should attract the termites and entice them to bring the mixture to their queen. This don't happen overnight, have patience. Most important, make sure your dogs don't have access to the mixture.


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