Natural Remedy to Rid of Wasp's Nest ?

by Mary Thomas
(Dallas, Texas , USA)

There are wasp nest in the corner's of the window's, can not even open window's . Afraid they will get into the house or sting someone, I Have pet's and Grand children Please help . I also have bee's that are living in the ground. HELP !!

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Apr 22, 2013
Getting Rid of Wasp Nest
by: Grandma

Hi Mary,

It took me awhile to ask around to get some kind of solutions to your problems. Of course you know that it's always best to leave things like this to the experts in the extermination field, but, I realize sometimes we just have to try to handle some situations in our own way for various reasons.

As far as the Wasp Nest in the corner of your bedroom window sill I've been told that you're going to have to try to remove this at night, when the wasp are in the nest and sleeping. Keep the lights off and use a flashlight with a red covering to keep the glow really low. If you can do this from the outside it would be best. Spray the entire nest with lots of cheap hair spray, this will keep the wasps from flying for a short period of time. Have a plastic bag ready, like one you get from the grocery store, and quickly cover the nest, then wrap the nest in a thick cloth, like a towel, this will help you from getting stung,then remove it.

The bees that are boring into your ground, again, try to do this at night when they are all in the nest, throw some dry ice in the hole and cover the opening with a glass bowl. Leave it alone for a few days. This should kill the entire nest. Make sure you NEVER touch dry ice with your bare hands!

Hope this helps!


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