Natural Remedy for Varicose Veins

by sheila wright
(indiana , usa)


i am a new member on your site and i would like to find out something. i am 60 years old and i am starting to get varicose veins.especially on my left foot and leg where i broke my ankle four years ago. what would you suggest i do.thank you for your time.

hope to hear from you soon.

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Feb 02, 2010
Home Remedies for Varicose Veins
by: Grandma

Hello Sheila,

Welcome to our small community.

Getting varicose veins after an injury is not uncommon. Most likely you are throwing your weight into your left leg and noticing an unbalanced. This happens when trying to heal and protect areas that are in pain.

First of all you should be wearing a support stocking or at least a support sock. You should also still be soaking that foot in warm sea salt water and using a sea salt compress. Also, you need to try to keep that foot elevated as much as possible.

The herb Horse Chestnut is well known to support varicose veins. You can find this in your health food stores. You can use the tea or the extract. Some studies have shown that you can even use the extract as a topical ointment where you notice the varicose veins. The dose is 250 to 312 mg. twice a day and then reduce the dosage as you see improvement. But I have to warn you, horse chestnut can have side effects and it's best to consult a Natural Health Practitioner when starting this remedy. Serous allergy is uncommon but you can get a mild reaction of itching, nausea or gastrointestinal upsets. Of course, like any remedy, when some people see results they tend to increase dosage and end up experiencing liver problems. So be cautious and consult a Health Care Professional if you decide to try this.

Thank you for trusting in Grandma's Wisdom and I hope you'll visit often.


PS I removed your email address to protect your privacy.

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