Natural Remedy for Muscle Spasms

by Salstar
(United Kingdom)

Hello there, After several operations on kidney stones and a car accident in between my left side is too much in a spasm for a physio to work on. Was told to take three tramadol a day, unfortunately this would just make me sleep and not have a life. Unfortunately the spasm went to my neck and I had to take diazepan for a fortnight...took for only two days as this is a heavy drug. I do realise it will creep up back...leg...neck...head eventually. My question is what can I take to relax my inner muscles so that the physio can work on me and not tell me off where he will know I have not taken lots of drugs? I do need area worked on but need something holistic...herbs..tincture something natural to help me so I can go without the spasms being so bad. Many thanks

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May 15, 2012
Muscle Spasm
by: Salstar

Hello thank you for your comments. Unfortunately I have just received allmy e mails and today went to a herbal shop and spoke to an acupuncture/homepathic chap who owns it and he told me the same and I bought some you were totally correct.

However for the future I now have the connection to buy direct on internet.

Many many thanks what a great site.


May 14, 2012
Muscle Spasms & Magnesium
by: Grandma

Hello Salstar,

One of the best natural remedies I have found for muscle spasms is Magnesium. It's actually a mineral that used to be in our food supply but seems to be depleted from the soil our food is grown in. If you want to buy Magnesium online you can find it at:


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