Natural Herbal Remedy for Ulcer & Ulcer Scars

by Lucy T

Hello grandma,I have a question for you, I am writing to you on behalf of my husband. He developed an ulcer on his shin two and a half years ago, to this day it still persists, it covered almost the entire left shin now its the size of a twenty cent coin. It has left an ugly scar. Also he has scars all over his arms from rash associated with medication for ulcers, although healed its left ugly black scars on his body. Do you have any suggestions or formulas to clear this up?

Although he is 63 his skin is in no way wrinkled....Hope you can help and where on your site can i see a reply if accepted...

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Aug 08, 2011
Chamomile & Aloe
by: Grandma

Hi Lucy,

I can understand the concern for your husbands skin condition.

The first thing I'd suggest for the ulcer on his leg is a chamomile recipe I have on my website. Look for the button on the left "Medicinal Teas" then find the link to "Medicinal Chamomile Tea" you'll find a really good recipe on that page for skin problems.

I'd also suggest for the scars on his arms you try using aloe vera. I wrote a page about it and all it's medicinal benefits on my other website. Just copy and past the link below into your web browser.


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