Natural Flea Remedy- Pennyroyal

by pkamanda
(Oklahoma City, OK)

Pennyroyal is toxic to cats, along w/ Orange oil & most othe essential oils.

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Aug 09, 2011
Flea Control & Essential Oils
by: Grandma

Hello Pkamanda,

You know, I heard that about Pennyroyal, but I heard it many years after using my recipe for natural flea control. I've used that recipe for so many years, sprayed the cats, their bedding and all over the house and I've never had one cat get sick. One cat I had was Siamease and she lived to be 21 years old. I have three cats now that are 14 years old and except for aging I've never had a health problem with them. I have used that recipe on them every year, during fleas season at least twice a month.

I do realize there are essential oils to keep away from cats, I honestly don't know about orange oil, I do know that cats hate being around citrus. I put citrus peels in my plants to keep them out of them.

Thank you for offering your opinion on the essential oils and flea control. I guess people will have to decide for themselves what is best for their cats. As for myself and my cats I still feel much better spraying them with the essential oils than the chemical sprays.


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