My Grandma is Afraid to be Alone

I lived with my grandma for around 6 years now, she's 73 and has always been an independent women. Up until about 2 weeks ago she just did not want to be alone at all. I cant even go to the store, if I do she starts rocking back and forth bitting her nails and she says she can't breath. Recently her doctor changed her high blood pressure medication to cozar which she says makes her feel sick so she has not taken it in 2 weeks, she also has rheumatoid arthritis and takes medicine for that. She has been off her medication for four or five days and then restarted taking them again, could that be the reason for the scaredness?? She has an upcoming appointment but is there any advice you can give on my situation?

Thank you so much anything will help

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Jul 27, 2009
Grandma & Medication
by: Grandma


First of all I want to commend you on your concern for your Grandma and your efforts to take care of her, that's rare today.

From what I'm reading I'd guess that the reason your Grandma is having the anxiety is due to her medication. First of all, you said this all started when her medication was changed. You also stated that she goes off and on because she's having side effects from this medication. My advice would be to get in touch with her medical doctor and discuss this with him/her. They might need to put her back on the medication she was taking before this one.

When dealing with high blood pressure, you have to remember that arthritis could cause her high blood pressure because pain is so depressing to deal with everyday it can actually cause her blood pressure to go higher than other times. So she might even need to have her pain medication adjusted.

I'm guessing it's her high blood pressure that is causing these anxiety attacks, especially when you have to leave. Maybe you could contact one of her friends or another family member to visit her while you're away. This would only be for a short period of time, until her medication is adjusted and her blood pressure is under control.

I know you said she will be visiting her Dr. in the near future but my advice is not to delay calling their office and letting them know about her mediation and having it adjusted until she's able to see them in person. You don't want to fool around with high blood pressure it could cause a stroke!

Sending you and your Grandma my blessings,


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