by betty
(indian river fl)

I have found help from Vicks vapor rub and listerine. I am guessing that the menthol is a big help. I have gotten rid of warts and killed nail fungus. Itchy scalp, itchy ears, have all been helped. Thymol is one of many ingredients in listerine, it must be part of the cure. I would like to hear of more help from simple measures.

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Jan 13, 2011
Nail Fungus & Worts
by: Grandma

Hello Betty,

Thank you so much for your tips on using Vicks and Listerine. I have heard of Vicks being used for nail fungus and I'm told it really works wonders but I never realized your tips about helping with worts. I do know that Listerine has some herbal ingredients. I do have a recipe for Listerine and Apple Cider Vingegar foot soak on my website for nail fungus control.

Enjoy 2011!


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