Maybe I Didn't do the Liver Cleanse Right

I'm concerned about taking my meds with doing this, also what about eating before or after. I knew I had to take it in the morning, but the recipe on the website didn't say anything about before bed. How long after taking my meds should I wait? Also should I eat before or after?

Thanks for your help.

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Aug 14, 2009
Liver Cleanse Question
by: Grandma

Kathy, I'm concerned about you doing the entire liver cleanse recipe right now. I have no idea what kind of meds you are taking or what your health issues are but if you're concerned about eating and taking your meds I wouldn't recommend doing the full cleanse.

Why not just try squeezing a whole lemon and drinking it down every morning, wait 20 minutes before eating anything or taking your meds. But first I want you to check with you physician or pharmacy to see if your meds mix OK with citrus. I do know that a lot of meds won't mix with grapefruit and I'm not sure about lemons. So it's best to ask a professional that knows your health issues and what mixes with your meds.

Taking a lemon each morning will help cleanse your liver slowly and naturally. When my children were in school I had them drinking a fresh squeezed lemon each morning and they rarely caught what other children were coming down with. Lemons will give you vitamin C, and has natural antibiotics, besides giving your liver a boost each morning.

Hope this all makes sense to you,


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