Making Soap Bars Free of Lye, Lard or any Soap Base.

by umm

Hi grandma..

I need your help.I am a staying home mum and am very sensitive toward any harsh chemical, lye, etc..
I want to make my own healthy soaps.
I got liquid vegetable glycerin, essential oils, baking soda and oils like coconut oil, olive oils and castor oil, and neem oil.

I once bought herbal soaps made from coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil,rose oils, vegetable glycerin and baking soda.. It was no additive used and no glycerin soap base or lard or lye.. But it is just too expensive for our little budget.

I would like to know how to make soap without like this.

Regards mum of five

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Aug 09, 2012
you need lye to make soap
by: Anonymous

soap cannot become soap without lye. do some research. i have made soap for years and frequently run across people who ask this question. all the lye should be neutralized in the act of saponification.

May 09, 2012
Making Soap
by: Grandma


I'm sorry to tell you that I have never made my own homemade soap. The people that I buy my Olive Oil and Goat Milk Soap from haven't been making it lately. I have tried to call her several times since getting your submission just to ask what she uses for her soap base but I can't seem to locate her. Usually this time of year she will take her family on church missions before the farm work gets hectic. I'm guessing that is where she is right now.

I'm sorry, I wish I could have been of some help for you. To tell the truth I wish she'd start making the soap and shampoo again, I really miss using it.


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