Lupus Barretts Osephagus and Bloating.....

by Toni

Hi Grandma,
While surfing the net come across your amazing site..
I will try the goats milk for sure....we don't have farms close by but I will purchase it at the supermarket.
I am in menopause and I bloated uncomfortable etc don't eat much but look like an elephant. Have you anything up your sleeve they may assist me....I need a lot of help.....
cheers Toni

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Jan 05, 2010
Home Remedies
by: Grandma

Hello Toni,

It's wonderful to meet you. Goodness, our world seems so small when meeting on a computer. First I have to apologize to you for taking so long to respond to your request. I was having computer problems over the holidays and finally on New Year's Eve it finally crashed. Now I'm dealing with a new computer and trying very hard to adjust to it, us old gals don't like dealing with any new contraptions...:)

Toni I'm so sorry to hear of the problems you're dealing with. The first thing I'd suggest is trying the vinegar tonic. I have heard from many people that are dealing with indigestion and bloating problems are getting a great relief from the vinegar tonic. Go to the button that reads "Vinegar Wisdom" you'll see a link there for the page on the recipe for the vinegar tonic.

Another thing I'd suggest is eating yams a couple of times a week. Yams are wonderful for menopause symptoms. You can read about them under "Home Remedies" and Menopause. Another thing I'd suggest is cutting out all dairy products for awhile. If you notice a difference try introducing a little dairy back into your diet by eating some aged cheese. You may be dealing with a food allergy. Go to the button reading "Allergy Wisdom" and see what you think.

I hope my suggestions help, have a Happy New Year!


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