Loose Motions and Fever in 1 Year Old

by Chandra
(New Delhi, India)

I have a baby girl of one year she is having 10-12 times loose motions in a day and having fever also. Today is the second day and her situation almost the same.

Pls. help me ASAP.



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Apr 06, 2010
Babies with Fever and Diarrhea
by: Grandma

Hello Chandra,

I can understand your concern. When our babies are that young with a fever and diarrhea it tends to worry us. My main concern would be dehydration. Babies can dehydate so fast. I'd make sure to give her as much water as she'll drink and put a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar in her 8 ounce bottle.

The symptoms she's having right now are very natural, it's her natural immune system trying to burn up and expel whatever bacteria or virus she's dealing with. But if the diarrhea is still as heavy as yesterday you might want to try boiling some rice and strain the rice and give her the water the rice was boiled in. Just put the rice water in her bottle and give it to her a little at a time. This should help get the diarrhea slowed down.

I hope this helps,


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