Loose Motion Condition...plz help me

I m so worry for my 4 months old baby boy.
My baby developed cold and chest congestion...someone told me to give him a herb "Sar e revan" a pinch in one teaspoon milk.....i gave him in 1 oz milk by mistake....that extra doze had effected him v badly...he suffered from loose watry motions for about a week...now about a month has passed he z not recovering from watery motion....frequency has reduced to 3 times daily...

Kindly suggest me something...he z getting weak.

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Jan 28, 2013
Weakness in Baby
by: Grandma


I'm so sorry you baby is having so many health issues. I really don't have a clue what that herb is that you gave him, so I can't comment on that but....The first thing I suggest is to take him off of milk. Milk is the worst thing you can give a child when they are suffering from congestion and diarrhea. I'd suggest instead to mash up a banana into a liquid and spoon feed him that, along with some broth from boiled rice. Tea is also good and add some lemon. The most important thing is to take him off the milk, you should see improvement in a day or two.


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