Long term low fever and Aches

by Dezerv
(Athens, Greece)

For roughly 2 months I have had low fever and body aches. I had my blood work done and everything seems to be fine. I must also add, that these symptoms are also displayed by my brother and his wife. They as I have cats and at some point I had left my cat at their place during the summer vacation. Are these symptoms irrelevant to the cats? What can I do to finally feel better?
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Sep 26, 2015
cats CAN make you sick
by: Anonymous

when my daughter was 3 years old I found out she had contracted "cat scratch fever" from our cat. her lymph glands on her arm were tender and swollen and she was running a fever. I rushed her to the er and they first thought it was lymphoma but after testing they said it was cat scratch fever. she was sick for about 2 months. this person should definitely get checked out by an medical doctor because cat scratch fever causes aches and persistent low grade fever.

Dec 17, 2009
Low Grade Fever
by: Grandma

Hello Dezerv,

My first thought after reading your question was, do your cats go outdoors? Either your cat or your brothers cat could have picked up a tick. Your symptoms sound like you could be dealing with a tick. The first thing I'd do is check your body for a sign of having a tick. I'd also check the cats. If you suspect you found a tick all you have to do is pour some olive oil over the tick and it will suffocate it. Wait about 10-15 minutes before removing the tick with a pair of tweezers.

When your body is dealing with a low grade fever for a long period of time with body aches and upset stomach you are, without a doubt, trying to fight some kind of infection. It's good you already had the blood work done and can rule out many bacterial infections. If one of my family members were having these symptoms I'd suggest they try drinking Olive Leaf Tea several times a day. If you feel that remedy is too weak, then I'd suggest trying Olive Leaf Extract. You can read about the benefits of olive leaf extract if you press the button on the left "Olive Leaf Extract".

I'm sure with you living in Greece you'll have no problems locating these remedies.

I honestly doubt that this infection is coming from your cats, unless you locate ticks or they are showing signs of being unhealthy. I have several cats and I've never had a health problem living with them.

Thank you for trusting in Grandma's Wisdom, and Merry Christmas!


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