Local Honey for Outdoor Allergies

by Kookie
(El Paso, Tx, USA)

I moved to El Paso, Tx 8 years ago, never suffered from any allergies prior to that. I was rudely introduced to the horrid March winds (which I dread every year) in 2004. A friend of my aunt's suggested I take a tablespoon of local honey everyday. My aunt, being allergic to bees and their honey, never kept any of that stuff in her pantry. I moved out, with the thought of using local honey everyday. So I bought a jar of local honey, took one tablespoon a day (started in December). The winds of March came, and I didn't suffer (the only thing I'm allergic to is my cat. I stopped feeding him wet food as an occasional treat, started giving him dry treats, and upped my vacuuming and dusting from 3x a week to everyday (easy enough since I live in a small apartment). I do think the enzymes from his saliva changed when he ate wet food, because that's when I noticed my allergies were more severe than when he ate dry food). Local honey works only on outdoor allergies, as the bees use the local El Paso pollen and are exposed to it as well. Honey manufactured locally in Austin,Tx won't have the same effect for me. P.s., do not use honey on infants! Honey has a strain of botulism that doesn't affect older children and adults, but it is lethal to infants.

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Jan 30, 2012
Detective Work Pays Off!
by: Grandma

Hello Kookie,

Isn't it amazing what we can find out about ourselves and our environment when we start putting our detective hats on?

I know honey is amazing for so many different illnesses and allergies but I was really surprised to read what you said about the honey being made locally. I never really thought about that but when you really give it some thought it all makes sense.

That was also really interesting to read about your cat allergy and the difference it made to feed your cat dry food or wet food. Everybody thinks about the dander or hair but never the food you're feeding your cat. You really gave me a lot to think about Kookie.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom,


PS Your right about the honey and babies, never give a baby honey.

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