Lemongrass and Ginger Kombucha

by Rose

I am excited about finding your website! I have recently purchased some lemongrass ginger kombucha and really like the flavor. Since I make my own Kombucha, I would like to be able to flavor it the lemongrass and ginger. I have used ginger many times before, but never lemongrass. Can you give me an idea on how to add the lemongrass? I am assuming that it would be added to the second ferment.

Thank You,
Rose Zvoda

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Nov 25, 2014
by: dawnselene

I thought the scoby fed on caffeine?

Jun 23, 2011
Sounds Yummy!
by: Grandma

Hi Rose,

I'm also excited that you found my website and found confidence to write to me.

That recipe sounds so yummy Rose. After drinking the Kombucha Tea for awhile it wouldn't hurt to add a little kick to it.

I looked through my files and found a recipe for green tea, lemon grass, Kombucha culture and sugar. I have no doubt you can replace the green tea with ginger.

So pour a quart of boiing water over the ginger and 1 teaspoon lemongrass, I'd guess a couple of teaspoons of ginger. Let it steep for 5 minutes and then ferment with kombucha and sugar. Of course following the basic recipe for Kombucha Tea.

Sounds pretty simple to me, I'm going to try it!

Thanks for the idea!


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