Lemon Balm Tea

by John

I was told about this sight to buy Lemon Balm Tea. Did not see where it is for sale through here?


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Sep 21, 2011
Medicinal Teas & Sales
by: Grandma

Hello John,

No, I don't sell lemon balm tea or any kind of tea on my website, although I have thought about it. I do know that Lemon Balm Tea is hard to find in the stores, I've tried. That's when I decided to start growing my own. I realize it's late in the season now, but growing your own medicinal teas is really easy, even if you don't have the room in a garden you can grow it in containers, in fact I'd recommend it. Herbs have a way of taking over a garden, Grandpa gets awfully upset with me every planting season because my herbs have choked out his crops several times.

I do know there are some good tea companies online. I'm sure in time I'll be selling herbal teas on my website.


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