by Meena Sriram

My son is 2 yrs.& 10 months old. Since middle of Dec.2011 he has this problem of leg pains. During the day time he is perfectly fine, he plays & jumps around and has a sound sleep in the a'noon without any disturbance but late night mostly after 3 am, he complains of leg pain earlier it used to be in the knee, now a days sometimes its on the thighs but these days its mostly in the feet, below feet or the side of the feet. We went to 3 doctors but all of them are saying that it is growth pain. The second doctor said that he might be deficient in vitamin D so we started giving him vit.D drops but still he has this kind of pain every alternate nights. He starts complaining and then i try to massage the spot with ointment but it doesn't suffice him and after some time he starts crying again and then finally I give him adol (paracetamol) syrup ; 5 ml and then only he is ok and he goes back to sleep. The ortho during the second round said that he has to do some special blood test to check if he has any inflammation in the bones.

We are giving vitamin D, calcium and iron, multi vitamins and cod liver also but he has no relief and he still complains in between with leg pain during night time.


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Mar 12, 2013
Could it be?
by: Anonymous

Just a thought but are your children drinking enough water? I have a child going thru growing pains and they flare up in the evenings. Majority of the pain is centralized in the legs and it is due to not enough water and too much juice/dairy. Try giving your son more water in the evening to drink and see if that helps.

May 14, 2012
Children & Pain
by: Grandma

Hello Meena,

I wish I could come up with some kind of solution for your son's problem but it's a real mystery. I would have agreed with the Dr. that thinks it might be a vitamin deficiency. What makes it all so mysterious is the fact that he's fine during the day to play and take a nap but the pain starts in the middle of the night, plus the pain seems to have moved from the knees to the thighs to the feet. The only thing I might suggest is to have the doctor check him for magnesium deficiency. I wouldn't suggest you just start giving it to him because of his young age.

I really feel so sorry for you and your son but there is nothing more heartbreaking for a mother than having their child in pain and not know what is causing it or what to do about it.

I'd also suggest you try taking him to a Chiropractor. It may seem a bit far fetched but he may have something out of alignment that is causing this kind of pain.


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