Kombucha Tea, Colon Cleansing and Hep C

by Margaret
(Ontario Canada)

Kombucha Tea. From what I have read here I would like to try this. However I have Hep C. Do you know if this tea will be harmful to me? It doesnt sound like it.

I am assuming I should find a health food store that will sell the culture ?

Where can I get a complete remedy cookbook... or does drinking a small glass a day address all the issues at once.

I am searching for an inexpensive way to a colon cleaning, this is one of the benefits mentioned. I was wondering if the tea will really knock out the stuff in the colon, how long that will take and how much to use.

Your article did say that too much is a strain on the liver. Does this mean that a little isnt? Perhaps having Hep C means I cant try this tea?

I know you are not a doctor, But your knowledge is greatly appreciated by me. This is a fantastic site you have put together. Thank you

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Sep 02, 2009
by: Michelle

I make my own tea and it has been a great thing. I received a culture from a friend at work who I was telling about me not having regular bowel movements and heartburn. I started brewing it with the instructions she gave me and WOW. The results I had were amazing, I started feeling normal again. I must admit my family laughs at me and says i'm strange but I seen the results, it really works. I have cultures and will happily share when I can get my friends to try it.

Oct 16, 2008
Colon Cleanse and Kombucha Tea
by: Grandma

Margaret you amaze me!

I wrote this page about Kombucha Tea less than a week ago and while I was writing it I remembered you asking me about a colon cleanse. I thought of contacting you and recommending you might want to try Kombucha Tea.

I have to be honest with you though, Kombucha Tea is new to me too. Although, I have been drinking it on a daily basis for the past few months.

I attended an open house back in July, that was a holistic workshop. One speaker at the workshop was excited about sharing her wisdom about Kombucha Tea. She also had several people there that gave testimony of what this medicinal tea has done for them. One guy had HIV and a woman talked about dealing with cancer. They both tried Kombucha Tea and have been having fantastic results.

After the workshop I came home and started researching this mysterious tea. I know you should start out very slow, like 2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces early evening. Once you do this a couple of weeks and allow your body to get use to it you can increase the dosage to 4 ounces. But you have to be careful not to allow yourself to think a little makes you feel good so a lot would be better. It can be addictive that way.

Kombucha Tea is a true medicinal tea and should be treated like a medication that can be overdosed. The reason is because it will detoxify your body of heavy metals and pollution. Your liver can only handle so much detoxification at one time.

As you mentioned, I'm not a doctor and I have to be careful not to diagnose or perscribe. It's against the law! But I am aloud to say that if I was looking for a colon cleanse I would without a doubt give Kombucha Tea a try.

I honestly don't know if you can find a culture at your local health food store. I know nobody in my area had access to any. In fact, they didn't even know what I was talking about when I was looking for a culture. I should also mention, you have to be very careful who you get your culture from. You don't want a culture from somebody that don't know how to handle them. You never want one that was touched by human hands or somebody that has used metal utensils to make the tea.

Margaret, if you can't find a culture in your area, there is a form below the form you write to me. It's a private form that won't be seen by anybody but me. If you send me your name and address I'll be glad to send you one of my cultures to get started. Once you have a culture you'll be able to make Kombucha tea for the rest of your life. Like I said on the page, they make babies while they ferment. You'll be able to share with family and friends.


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