Itchy Skin, Inflammed Articulations, Diabetes, Weight Loss and Morgellons Remedy

by Louise
(Quebec Province, Canada)

I tend to have mild problems with psoriasis, which gives me a itchy skin 24 hours a day and the characteristic wounds and dry scabs on occasion. I personally use a mixture of 1 part vinegar, 1 part water and a few tablespoons of salt in a one litre glass jar to vigorously rub my skin with a rag soaked in it. At first, it itched even a little more before having a soothing effect. I felt the need to use this treatment twice a day. Now, I can treat myself only once every few days. No wounds, and almost no itching at all.
I can rub even my eyelids and the external part of my genitals with it (delicately).

After almost 6 months, my skin rarely itches. My skin smells only for minutes and then, the odor vanishes. Plus I discovered that it really cleanses the skin. Good trick when we're stuck with no more running water to wash ourselves.

My sister, suffering much more from psoriasis than me, took baths in water, salt and vinegar. It helped her a lot, too. But she also discovered that it helped her with her sore articulations (a condition associated with psoriasis, sometimes).

My nephew seems to suffer from a weird and frightening modern disease : morgellons (fibers, cristals and jelly like substances are excreted from open wounds on his skin). It feels very itchy and sometimes, he has the impression that something alive is crawling under his skin. The application of the same mixture had the effect of stimulating the excretions, but the wounds are slowly healing and he says that the relief was immediate.

I also read from a medical article that vinegar is very good to help weight loss and increase the sensitivity to insuline. Here is the link of this article if you agree to publish it, grandma :

Thanks, Louise

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Oct 20, 2012
Vinegar & Skin Conditions
by: Grandma

Hello Louise,

Thank you so much for sharing your family testimony of the various skin condition you have been dealing with.

I know how beneficial vinegar can be for so many home remedies. The real secret you have hit on, that I didn't realize, is adding the salt. Although I do know how much salt can help with bacteria and different infections, like sore throat or sinus infections. So combining the vinegar and salt together for skin problems only makes sense.

I'm sure as we do our research and keep an open mind about home remedies so much more can be discovered with these simple ingredients.


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