by Gary

Years ago in Asia i was victim of a severe insect byte. It protruded approximately one inch from my neck below the adams apple. Was late at night ..severe pain and no medical available to the next day across the pharmacy...nothing.

After much aganony..and severe pain i looked in my bag and upon seeing my toothpaste and remembering in the Phillippines they use to put it on cuts...WOUNDS ,ETC:
Thought they were crazy.
So i give it a try..INSTANT RELIEF! cool like ice
pain gone...within a hour completely gone and swelling..

I never forget how COLGATE saved the day...Amazing.

It must kill the DNA of the venom, dont know...IT JUST WORKS..

Recently one of my cats had severe Parsites that she scratched so much that halph the hair around her head and back was gone...Sad thing to see.
Tryed many remedies.. but nothing worked.

Then the colgate...Paste not gel..
instant results...quit day hair started to come back...again it works.
followed up with 100% coconut oil on the skin.
anti parasitic .....
My first aid kit will always have Colgate on hand.
Never leave home without it....
Not just for Oral Hygiene anymore



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Mar 31, 2014
by: Gary

Colgate great for taking out stubborn stains on tile..

Also ideal for minor scratches on car..motor bike etc,

Wet cloth then dab of colgate.

Not just for oral hygiene anymore.....


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