Indigestion Helper

by Courtney

I have trouble with indigestion. At night when I lay down I get coughing fits and have trouble breathing. I take Kapidex once a day but still have probems.

I started drinking Braggs ACV 2 tsp in a cup of no sugar added cran grape or fruit juice. The sweet ones I don't like but the no sugar added actually taste pretty good. No more problems when I forget or run out for a few days it comes back. You have to get the one with mother in it.

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Mar 05, 2010
Home Remedy for Indigestion
by: Grandma

Hello Courtney,

Thank you so much for sharing your home remedy tip for indigestion. I have heard of using Apple Cider Vinger for indigestion but never heard of mixing it with fruit juice. I agree it's important to make sure you get the ACV with the mother. You know that is what is helping you when you stop a few days and the indigestion returns.

I hope you don't mind but can I make a suggestion?

My best friend was suffering from indigestion and nothing seemed to help. Believe me she tried everything on the market and even some home remedies. I suggested she try putting 4 Magnesia Phosphorica 6X under her tongue after her meals or whenever she felt the pressure starting to build and she has had fantastic results. So many people are very low in Magnesia without ever knowing about it.

Thank you for visiting and sharing your tip with Grandma's Wisdom,


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