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Hi Grandma,
I love love this site. I go to it for everything. My 6 yrs. old granddaughter has a fever of 102 and we were trying to find a rememdy on your site and couldnt. Could you please give some advice about this.

thank You

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Feb 13, 2011
Fevers in Children
by: Grandma

Hello Janice,

I'm flattered with the confidence you have in me and my website. I'm so sorry I wasn't home lastnight when you wrote to me. Grandpa took me out for the evening and we got home late.

As you probably realize fevers at your granddaughters age is her body's natural way of burning out whatever infection that she seemed to pick up. But when it don't seem to subside after a few days then it's time to try some home remedies or call her doctor.

When my children were that age I always made them a cup of Lemon Balm Tea with a big dose of honey. It's like giving them a hug in a cup. It relaxes them and helps them get the much need rest they need when fighting an infection. You can find the recipe for Lemon Balm Tea when you look under Medicinal Teas. It's the one medicinal tea that's especially safe for children.

Another thing I would do when the fever was stubborn was to crush a clove of garlic and mix it into a pat of butter then spread it on a piece of bread or cracker. This always seemed to break the fever and fight the infection. I usually did this about three times a day until the fever broke.


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