How Much Milk for Tapeworm Home Remedy?

How much milk do you use for the tapeworm milk bath? Do you add water and how long do you need to soak? How can you tell if you are done?

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Oct 25, 2009
Tapeworm Home Remedy
by: Grandma


I really have to go to that web page and put the amount of milk and what kind on it, I get a lot of request about this.

I suggest you use at least 3-4 gallons of milk, room temperature. It has to be enough to cover the rectum area completely. Always us whole milk, the best kind to use is unprocessed, but most people can't buy the unprocessed. You can add a quart of hot water to a couple of gallons of milk but the less water you use the better the home remedy is.

It takes a lot of patience and you have to keep relaxed with your knees bent. It's hard to say how long you'd have to soak since the end result would be once you extract the tapeworm. I know that people have wrote to me to thank me for the recipe but they had to try it several times before the tapeworm actually expelled. I would soak for at least an hour. Try to find ways to relax, like play music, light some candles, read a book, anything you can do to keep from thinking about what you're trying to do. That tapeworm has found a happy home and it's in no hurry to leave.


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