House Breaking Dogs

How do i keep my dog from peeing on the carpet?

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Jan 23, 2011
House Breaking Your Pet
by: Grandma


I'm really hesitant about offering advice on house breaking your dog. I'm sure there are many people online that consider themselves experts in pet care. Although I love animals and have raised several dogs in my lifetime and always found a way to house break them.

I've always treated my pets like my children and I do know you need a lot of patience and you have to be persistant in your training. The first thing I would do is put a thick pile of newspaper in the area your dog is urinating. Once it goes on the newspaper take the paper out to your yard and then take the dog there several times a day. When you take the dog outside give it a reward to give it a positive reaction to being outdoors. Keep taking it to the paper and once it does go on or near the paper give it another reward and lots of praise.

When the dog goes on the carpet, don't smack it or rub its nose in it, that really doesn't work, it just makes the dog a nervous wreck. Just look it in the eyes and talk to it like you would a child when you are disapponted. Dogs understand our language more by our tone than lots of words. Just keep things simple and positive as much as you can. Make sure you clean the carpet smell up as much as you can. Try using white vinegar to clean the area and elemenate the smell.


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