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Grandma, I was told about a liquid or capsule that was used long ago for menstrual cramps, but I also heard it's wonderful for menopause. I may have it misspelled, but it is pronounced as lydia-pink-um. If you know what I'm talking about, please refer me. I'll also try the yams too for vaginal dryness, nails and breast. You're a jewel!

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Jul 15, 2011
Help for hot flashes
by: Angie C

I've heard Black Cohosh helps hot flashes. good luck!

Dec 27, 2009
Hot Flashes and Menopause
by: Grandma


I can honestly say I've never heard of this liquid or capsule you're referring to.

I went through menopause in the late 80s and I was working at the time as a Chiropractic Assistant. Phew, those hot flashes drove me up a wall at times, I'd be in the middle of giving an exam or physical therapy and all of a sudden I'd feel this heat creeping up my back, suddenly I'd get flush and very uncomfortable in my uniform. An elderly woman that was a patient at the time told me about the yams, and she also told me to stop drinking milk and start using soy milk. Within two weeks I never experienced hot flashes again. I never started drinking milk again and use Eden Soy in my coffee (I absolutely love coffee). I use Rice Dream on my cereal.

Hang in there, even menopause passes,


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