Honey for Treatment of Minor Burns

by Julia

I had burned my fingers quite badly with splashed frying oil and suffered pain all day until I got my hands on a little pot of homemade honey/bees wax mixture designed as a lip balm and handcream. It has the exact consistency of vaseline but smells heavenly! Within 5 - 10 minutes all the pain had disappeared and the redness and swelling started to go down. I continued to use it for several days each night before bed and when the damaged skin peeled off, underneath the new skin was pink but healthy. There was no fluid collection under the skin or any infection. In my opinion, for relieving the pain of minor burns, honey bees wax is the perfect solution!

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Dec 02, 2013
Honey for major burn
by: Anonymous

I burned my leg with, boiling hot water at first it was va major burn so I of course screamed soaked in cold water with ice I looked up what they do for burns at the hospital which is basically pain mentioned keep wound clean etc so I looked up burns and i found where they were putting honey on then and wrapping them in saran wrap in burn centers do I got some organic honey and wrapped my leg up which was still burning kikter none other I couldn't even walk at this point and my leg started to bubble up with huge bubbles inner thigh front thigh and back thigh I kept the honey on changed it and the bubbles didnt pop until I listened to my sister and let it air out withgause and burn cream BIG MISTAKE when u noticed my skin drying it and bubbles of ous popping I immediately redressed it with honey my skin started to fall off a week into with no pain easily coming off in shower with the little spots that showed healing. In two weeks all my skin was off I felt no pain and it had almost regrown back kept it up fo about two more weeks and my skin was healed as tad but darker but no real scars or anything and the honey helped more with pain then medicine. I would change my dressing every other day or when I felt it was to moist or dripping out cause its messy but I would add gause st the end of the dressing and tape it up to help with honey doing down leg it was the best thing I could have done!!!!

Jun 15, 2011
Honey Bee's Wax
by: Grandma

Hello there Julia,

I do know that pure honey is great to help heal stubborn skin sores. But I never thought of honey bee's wax to heal burns. That's a really handy home remedy tip, I'll remember that next time I suffer from a burn. It would be worth a try for just about any skin problem.


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