Best Home Remedy For Gout
Treat the Symptoms then the Cause

Before searching for a Home Remedy for Gout, finding relief from the painful symptoms should be your first priority. Knowing what causes Gout and recognizing the symptoms of this disease is actually part of the cure.

It's important to realize there is no fast cure for Gout, it takes time and determination.

picture of a king Gout was once known as the disease of Kings because it usually resulted from too much of the good life. These days we know that even commoners can get Gout. People prone to Gout produce too much of a chemical called uric acid or if their kidneys fail to flush away excess amounts through urination. The uric acid forms into tiny crystals that have a way of settling into joints, usually in the big toe.

It's awfully hard to put your best foot forward when you awake during the night with your big toe swollen as big as a beet and just about as red.

Until you suffer from a bout of Gout it's hard to realize how painful this disease can be. Even the slightest pressure on the swollen joint, like covering your foot with a sheet or sock, can cause extreme discomfort.

Ninety percent of Gout attacks occur in men. Women are prone to attacks of Gout once a woman goes through menopause.

Let's Start By Understanding
The Painful Symptoms of Gout

Gout is actually a type of arthritis that strikes like a bolt, out of the blue. Its excruciating, throbbing pain often strikes during the night. The affected area turns the skin red-hot, leaving the joint swollen and extremely tender. The bad news is, the painful symptoms can last for several days, weeks and sometimes longer.

The first bout of Gout will suddenly disappear as fast as it appeared. Usually after you get through the first bout it takes several years before Gout will strike again, sometimes as long as ten years. Then the bouts will appear more frequently and last longer, sometimes affecting other joints. Once your reach this stage of Gout, a state of chronic or continuous joint disease may develop with progressive joint damage.

Research is discovering people with chronic Knee Pain and Low Back Pain have previously had a bout of Gout.

The excess of uric acid in your system forms into tiny troublemaking crystals that inflame the joints. Uric acid is derived from certain foods, and a low-purine diet is recommended.

Some of the foods high in purines are;

  • meat
  • anchovies
  • asparagus
  • herring
  • sardines
  • yeast

Therefore, the most important home remedy for gout is a diet low in purines. High protein foods are what can cause the high doses of purines. The purines in vegetables are different and don't change our risk of high uric acid levels.

Family History plays a role in your chances of developing Gout. Also, excessive Weight Gain in early adulthood has an affect on being prone to Gout attacks. Last but most important Alcohol consumption is a big factor in developing gout. Alcohol causes dehydration, one of the leading causes of our body's inability to flush the uric acid through urination.

The second most important Home Remedy for Gout would be to avoid any Alcohol during a Gout attack.

Diet and Hydration
The Key to Gout Prevention and Quick Relief

women eating a plate full of cherries

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Hydration is the key to the prevention of many diseases. That old rule never fails, drink 8 glasses of water a day. Your water should be pure spring or well water, free of any chemicals. The Third and most important home remedy for gout is keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Hyssop tea gives relief from Gout, especially if combined with Juniper. Certain Herbal Teas help clean out the toxins that cause Gout. Yarrow, Dandelion, and Celery Seed work especially well. You can use them individually or in a combination with one another. Drink two to three cups a day, it's a really good Home Remedy for Gout to manage keeping the disease away.

Another good country Home Remedy for helping ease the pain of Gout is a daily dose of Corncop Tea. Cut the kernels off the cob and boil the cobs in a stew pot with fresh water. Let the mixture simmer for about an hour, remove the cobs and retain the liquid. Store the liquid in a tight container in the refrigerator. Drink a cup of tea after every meal. Do this everyday until the pain is gone.

photo of a picture of fresh cherries an important home remedy for gout The most highly recommended Home Remedy for Gout is cherries. Blueberries and strawberries are also very important to your diet. From the start of a Gout attack it's important to start eating fresh tart cherries. I realize it's hard to find fresh cherries anytime you might need them. Pure Cherry Juice is just as good, as long as it is completely natural. You can usually find it in a health food store. Drink at least 8 ounces of Black Cherry Juice every day. This remedy may also affect some Arthritic conditions.

To get quick relief of the painful symptoms of Gout follow a mostly-strawberry diet. For several days, try a diet of nothing but strawberries, a cup of yogurt, and a banana. Certain substances in strawberries seem to relieve inflammation, which will reduce the discomfort caused by this aliment. The yogurt and banana will help keep you from getting Diarrea.

picture of strawberries, bananas, and cup of yogurt A popular Russian remedy for Gout is getting more fresh garlic into the system. Try to eat at least two cloves a day. It can be mixed in with your food or swallow it whole with water.

It also helps to put some cold water on the affected area to relieve the swelling. Don't use ice that can only damage the skin and cause Arthritic areas to get worse. Try putting cold tap water into a Hot Water Bottle and resting it against the area. Sometimes even hot water will relieve the pain, try resting a Hot Water Bottle filled with hot tap water and rest it against the area.

You can also try making an ounce of massage oil with one ounce of Olive Oil and five drops of Juniper Oil, then massage into the joint several times a day. You can also try to soothe Gout pain by making a cool footbath spiked with Juniper and Rosemary Essential Oils. Just add 10 drops of Rosemary and Juniper Oil to two quarts of cold water.

Believe Me - I know
Gout is Extremely Painful

When I first developed Gout I had no idea what hit me. I awoke during the night with a throbbing big toe. At first I thought I developed a blood clot in my foot. I called my Family Physician first thing in the morning.

He immediately suggested x-rays to be sure we weren't dealing with a blood clot but he was sure it was an attack of Gout. I couldn't believe my ears when he diagnosed Gout. The first words out of my mouth was, "It can't be Gout, that's for old people! My sweet loving physician just smiled at me over his bifocals.

The medication made me sick right away, so I started my search for a good Home Remedy for Gout. I tried about everything I could find and even went on a vegetarian diet for a while. I used everything mentioned above. It all cleared up within a few days.

I still drink the Black Cherry Juice and take herbs everyday, Alfalfa, Milk Thistle, and Spirulina. Plus, I eat lots of berries whenever in season.

I have also discoverd the third most important Home Remedy for Gout is to drink plenty of spring water, everyday.

Another good home remedy for Gout is regular excercise. Don't try anything that causes pain, especially within the first few days of developing Gout. It's very easy to injure yourself during a bout of Gout. Wait until the swollen joints are working and flexable again. A brisk walk everyday is a natural and refreshing excercise at any age.

When to See Your Medical Doctor

After trying any of these or all home remedy's for Gout and you are seeing no relief or signs of more serious problems like;

  • You have repeated Gout attacks and don't improve after three or four days.
  • You suddenly lose a lot of weight.
  • You suffer from dehydration, some symptoms of which are excessive thirst, dry lips and decreased urination.
  • You've had diarrhea for 24 hours or more.
  • You are prone to Gout and also take medications such as Salicylates, Diuretics, or some Antibiotics or cancer drugs.
  • You are prone to Gout and frequently drink alcohol.

It's time to call your family physician and get some advice and maybe medication.


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