A Simple, Inexpensive, and Safe
Natural Home Remedy For Earache

It always amazes me how few people know about Grandma's Natural Home Remedy for Earache. Using this simple recipe will not only soothe and cure your Earache it can also be used to prevent suffering from this miserable Earache pain again.

home remedy for earache parents looking at baby There is nothing more frustrating when dealing with a child suffering from an Earache. Watching those tears roll down their cheeks and their hand cupped over their ear melts your heart.

You quickly know when an infant is suffering from an earache because you will see them crying and pulling on that ear. This Home Remedy for Earache Recipe offers quick relief and can be used as needed through the day or night.

Go to your local drug store and buy a bottle of Glycerine and a box of Q-tips. Besides warm tap water that is all you need. If you can't find the Glycerine, ask your pharmacist. It's very inexpensive and will last a long time. While you are there buy a Hot Water Bottle. They are also inexpensive and will last you for many years. Do Not Buy An Electric Heating Pad!

  • Hold a Q-tip under warm running tap water
  • Dip the warm moist Q-tip into the bottle of Glycerine.
  • Get the Q-tip good a moist with Glycerine.
  • Do Not Put The Q-tip Deep Into The Ear!
  • Hold the tip at the opening of the ear and just slowly twirl the tip to release the fluid into the ear.
  • Repeat all the steps several times until the patient feels the Glycerine running into the ear.
  • Have the patient lay down on the opposite ear for a few minutes to allow the liquid to run deep into the ear.
  • After about 30 minutes take a clean dry Q-tip and gently clean some of the wax from the ear, don't go deep!
  • Wait about an hour and repeat again. The patient should be feeling a bit of relief but repeat again anyway.
  • Repeat these steps a couple of times the first day, then again as needed over the next couple of days.

It also helps to use a Hot Water Bottle . Either lay lay on the hot water bottle or hold the hot water bottle to the ear. This will soothe the area and also melt any wax that may be lodged in the ear. The moisture from the hot water bottle will also cause the heat and Glycerine to penetrate deeper into the ear.

Do Not Use Electric Heating Pad or Any Electric Heat Electric Heating Pads are not only dangerous, they only heat the surface, you need the moisture from a hot water bottle to penetrate. Use the hot water bottle from 10 to 20 minutes then let the area cool naturally. Repeat this a couple of times over the next couple of days.

When To Contact Your Family Physician

Every Home Remedy for Earache or any other discomfort has its limits. If you notice a High Fever and the Earache pain is unbearable, especially after trying this method. Call your Family Physician.

An Ear Infection can develop into something very serious. After raising 6 children I have only had to take my youngest son to our Family Physician once for an Ear Infection. He was quickly put on antibiotics. So please if you suspect it's something more serious than an Earache, don't fool around.

Another good liquid to keep on hand is Colloidal-Silver. This is safe to use for Ear Infections. It's handy for many Infections.

A Quick Story

One day I made a quick stop in our local drug store to pick up a birthday card. I couldn't help over hearing a conversation between a young man and the pharmacist. The young man was asking the pharmacist for advice on a Home Remedy for Earache.

The poor young man was at his wits end with his daughter, she looked to be about 2 years old. He explained that her Family Physician was suggesting an operation. The operation consisted of putting tubes in his daughter's ears to stop the frequent Earaches she was suffering from. He went on to explain that he was out of work and had no hospitalization, the operation was going to be very expensive and her doctor couldn't guarantee this was the solution to cure his daughters Earaches.

It took me a few minutes to approach the young man and introduce myself. I explained this Natural Home Remedy for Earache to him and told him it has always worked for my children. Since there are absolutely no side effects and very inexpensive to try, it might be worth him considering it. He bought the Glycerine, Q-tips, and hot water bottle that day. I was really sorry I didn't find a way to keep in touch with him when we left the drug store.

Two months later I was in a complete different part of town and stopped at a grocery store. While standing at the checkout I felt a tap on my shoulder. I was surprised to see the young man from the drug store behind me with his beautiful daughter in the cart. He gave me a big hug before telling me his daughter hasn't suffered from an Earache since he used the Home Remedy for Earache. He went on to say, her physician was amazed at the difference and pleased that he wouldn't have to worry about putting the tubes in her ears.

He told me he passed the Home Remedy for Earache onto his sister and it also helped her son. He wondered how he could find a way to thank me. I told him as long as he found a way to "pay it forward" that was all the thanks I needed.


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