A Natural Home Remedy
For Dry Skin

Grandma has the perfect home remedy for Dry Skin. It's a simple and clean solution to bring your skin back to its natural health by moisturizing and restoring your skin's natural PH balance.

Any imbalance your body is experiencing always has a cause. The effect of this cause is what you are suffering with now, dry skin. One of the leading causes of dry skin is dehydration. Photo of table set with glasses filled with water to promote hydration Hydration is the most misunderstood natural home remedy for dry skin. People confuse hydration with drinking fluids, any fluids. Think about it, would you bath in soda pop, coffee or juice?

The inside of your body needs bathed regularly as much as the outside of your body. When you keep your body hydrated with fresh clean unpolluted water your body will release toxins that is causing diseases. In return your skin will replenish itself with plump moisturizing cells.

Your skin is a living, breathing organ. Like any living organ it needs oxygen, food, and hydration. Whatever you apply to your skin will be digested or absorbed into your bloodstream. Therefore, applying toxins, perfumes, chemicals, or dyes to your skin will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

Grandma's first rule to remember: Never put anything on your skin that has ingredients you would think twice about putting into your mouth!

Goat Milk Soap With Olive Oil
A Simple and Clean Home Remedy for Dry Skin

When you buy bath soap in the grocery store you are buying detergent. The ingredients aren't much different than what you are using to wash your clothes, your dishes, or clean your house. Sure you might find some soap with added lotion and perfume but the main ingredients are the same as any detergent. Have you ever wondered why the manufacturers that make your bath soap are also getting rich selling lotions and moisturizers?

Grandma's second rule: Never use antibacterial soap! When you kill bacteria on your skin you are also killing the good bacteria that is naturally living on your skin to protect it from harmful bacteria, like fungus or yeast.

photo of bars of Goat Milk Soap with Olive Oil Goat Milk Soap is a soothing natural home remedy for dry skin. It has a way of bringing the PH balance back to your skin. The creamy richness of the goat milk will make your skin feel smooth and creamy. The goat milk will feed the good bacteria on your skin and keep it strong to fight off the bad bacteria.

Olive Oil Soap is a rich moisturizing soap that your skin will drink up. The use of Olive Oil is another home remedy for dry skin that keeps your skin smooth and silky. It is an ancient secret used since Biblical times. Sophia Loren, now in her 70s, still looks to be in her 40s. Her biggest secret to keeping her skin youthful and glowing is Pure Virgin Olive Oil. picture of the top of a corked olive oil bottle

If you can find a soap that combines both Goat Milk and Olive Oil you will find the best soap for your skin.

My family uses nothing but Homemade Goat Milk and Olive Oil Soap. When combined together in a rich lathering bar your skin feels like it's being fed the best this world has to offer.

After shaving my legs I always apply a coat of Pure Virgin Olive Oil. At night I apply a thin coat of Pure Virgin Olive Oil to keep my skin moist. Click on this link to learn more Olive Oil Benefits and how amazing this simple remedy can help in so many ways.

photo of pouring goat milk into a milk bottle We buy our Homemade Goat Milk and Olive Oil Soap from a Mennonite family that live and thrive off their farm. They raise their own sheep, grow all their own food, make their own clothes, and home school their children. Their soap is made from pure fresh Goat Milk, Pure Virgin Olive Oil, and Essential Oils. The Aromatherapy from the Essential Oils are a pure luxury while showing.

When we first started using this Homemade Goat Milk and Olive Oil Soap I was looking for a home remedy for dry skin. Everybody in my family was having problems with dry skin. I suffered an allergic reaction to a bath soap that is very popular and expensive. I broke out in an itchy rash that caused swelling and red patches. My youngest son was a toddler at the time and was always itchy and developing psoriasis. My husbands dry skin problems was the worst I have ever seen. His feet were so dry that the skin actually cracked and was bleeding. Just putting on socks on was painful for him. At first we thought he might be suffering from some disease that affects the feet. We tried every skin treatment lotion on the market. Even our family physician was stumped. We wasted a lot of money and time. Yet, nothing helped.

Life has a way of sending an angel to cross your path when you pray for answers. I was introduced to the Mennonite family I mentioned above at an herbal party. They invited my family to their farm and gave us a free sample of their Homemade Goat Milk and Olive Oil Soap to try. Within a week of showering with this soap our skin quickly healed and became moist and creamy smooth. We use it as our face soap, hand soap, showing, and even shaving. The bar lasts as long, if not longer, than any bar of bath soap bought in a super market.

baby getting bathed with Goat Milk Soap and Olive Oil and getting massaged with Pure Virgin Olive Oil Goat Milk and Olive Oil Soap is an excellent bathing soap for babies. It gently clears up diaper rash areas, gently cleans cradle cap, and never burns like harsh detergent soap would.

The Essential Oil scents will relax and comfort your baby the same as providing Aromatherapy, known to relieve colic, sleeplessness, and irritability. Try massaging Pure Virgin Olive Oil on your baby after bathing instead of the popular baby lotions. You'll be amazed at the difference in your baby's skin.

How To Purchase Goat Milk and Olive Oil Soap
Grandma's Home Remedy for Dry Skin

If you are reading Grandma's Home Remedy for Dry Skin you must be searching for the type of dry skin relief described above.

You probably realize I couldn't possibly offer an unlimited supply of this unique Handmade Goat Milk Soap and Olive Oil. This soap is handmade on a small farm in Central Pennsylvania by a Mennonite family that have no desire to devote all their time to manufacturing this soap. They have a farm to operate, a large family to raise while home schooling three children.

After some coaching they agreed to make some extra batches of this soap for me to offer on my website.

I have been receiving steady email from many of you excited to order my Olive Oil & Goat Milk Soap and I've been having a very tough time keeping it in stock. So what I'm going to do is offer it to subscribers to my newsletter. Once I get my order I'll let my newsletter subscribers know first with a secret email address to order it. When the supply is gone, it's gone until they are able to re-supply me. So if you're interested in trying this soap and would like to be the first to know when I have it in stock, please subscribe to my newsletter on the left column.


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