Grandma's Natural Home Remedy
for Bad Breath

Using a natural home remedy for bad breath only makes sense when you consider mouthwash kills the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria. You need the good bacteria to fight bad breath. It all turns into a vicious circle. This is what the advertisements don't tell you when they are selling their bacteria fighting mouthwash. It's no wonder the mouthwash business has turned into a multi-million dollar business.

two babies sleeping side by side, one baby yawns while the other baby makes a face Most people that suffer from bad breath are only self-conscience of something they ate or drank. Or maybe they are dealing with a build up of stomach acids that has formed on their tongues, like morning breath. Most of the time it's really nothing to worry about. Yet it can also be a sign of an underlying symptom of a more serious health problem.

Before considering any major medical tests give some thought to your hydration habits. So many health problems begin with dehydration. We all need to drink plenty of fresh water everyday. No matter how much liquid you consume it can't replace drinking lots of natural spring water everyday. A real simple home remedy for bad breath can be as easy as drinking plenty of water.

Grandma Always Said To Eat Your Vegetables!

photo of a cartoon of boy talking to girl with bad breath Whenever you are having a problem with bad breath the person you are talking to will throw off signals to let you know you're offending them. There are plenty of ways to take care of bad breath, especially when you're on the go. Sometimes a piece of chewing gum or a handy mint seems like a practical choice. It might be convenient but it isn't the best choice.

<Celery and Parsley are actually the best home remedy for bad breath.

These natural breath cleansers won't cover your bad breath up with artificial sweet odors. They are known to neutralize odors, give your body natural enzyme and ad in digestion. Back in the old days it was quite common to see fresh sprigs of celery sitting in a glass of water on the dinner table or sprigs of parsley sitting on your dinner plate.

img src="" alt="a spring of celery chopped up on a cutting board" align="right" border="1" vspace="10"> Once the coffee and dessert was served it was considered good manners to grab a sprig of celery or parsley as you leave the table to munch on and clean your teeth, tongue and breath.

Besides being a good home remedy for bad breath, celery and parsley are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. The enzymes are what you need to mix in your saliva for good digestion.

photo of a full stock of fresh celery We all have a certain amount of enzymes in our body from birth. Without enzymes we couldn't digest anything. There are certain fruits and vegetables that have an abundance of enzymes and it's important to include these fruits and vegetable in our diet, especially when we eat them in their natural form, raw. By including these fresh fruits and vegetables you will prevent using up the natural body enzymes you were born with. For instance, a salad should be eaten first before your main course, simply because you will be giving your body enzymes to help digest the protein.

Once all our natural enzymes are used up, we die! That's something to think about.

Think about preserving your natural enzymes before you start eating your meals each day. Especially when eating out and enjoying all those fast foods.

photo of a bag full of parsley How many times have seen a sprig of parsley sitting in the corner of your plate and pushed it aside? I'll bet you thought that little green sprig was sitting there just to make your dish look pretty. Surprise! It was probably the most nutritous course on your plate. Click on this link and read about the benefits of parsley and see if you don't agree. It will not only freshen your breath at the end of a meal, it will also help with digestion.

The next time you are considering popping one of those little mouth wash squares into your mouth to improve your breath think about all that good bacteria you're going to be killing that naturally cleans your tongue and mouth.

Think about all the enzymes you could be adding into your digestive system by eating something real simple like a sprig of celery or parsley.

Your breath will be much more fresher, your mouth will be much cleaner, and your digestive system will thank you for it.


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