Home Remendy for Brown Spots on Hands

by jane mceachern

I have a lot of brown spots on my hands, would like to know if there is some home remendy for removing them,

thank you

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Jun 22, 2010
Home Remedies for Aging Hands & Brown Spots
by: Grandma

Hello Jane,

There is a lot of natural home remedies for aging hands and brown spots. Some may seem a bit weird but always worth a try since you won't have to worry about chemicals or side effects.

Mix onion juice with twice the amount of apple cider vinegar and rub into the age spots twice a day. You'll notice the brown spots start fading right away.

Vitamin E is always a good source for skin problems. Rube some Vitamin E oil on your age spots before going to bed. You won't see noticable improvements for a few weeks but it works beautifully and will make the skin on your hands look much younger.

Buttermilk compresses are also great for your hands or any skin problems. It will help restore your natural PH balance.

I know this one is pretty weird but if you mash up a can of chick peas and a small amount of water to make a paste and spread the mixture over the age spots and let it stay until it dries then wash your hands you'll notice after a few days your hands will look much younger. Chick peas are also great to add to your diet for your entire body's natural glow.


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