Home Remedy to Treat Ringworm

My daughter got ringworm and I was trying to figure out how to treat it. I have never came across this and was wondering if you could help.please and thank you

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Aug 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

i had ringworm on my leg about 70 years ago.mom mixed sulphur and meat grease and applied it to the ringworm...it healed and has never returned..

Aug 12, 2014
by: Patricia

Like you, I have never had to treat ringworm. I took the time to talk to some people that have and they say a lot depends on where it's located. If it's on the scalp it's harder to treat. Someone suggested dabbing Apple Cider Vinegar on the spot several times a day. This can sting but will hopefully help clear it up after about 7 days. Someone else suggested making a past out of Sea Salt and Vinegar and applying it a couple times a day. Again this stings especially since we're dealing with a child suffering from this.

You can also buy fungal ointment at the drug store one ointment that is supposed to really help is called, Blue Star Ointment. I heard this is the best thing on the market for fungal infections. I'm not sure where to find it I'd suggest start calling your drug stores or even health food stores.

If nothing I suggested seems to help after a couple of days I'd suggest taking her to see her Dr. This can spread and be careful when treating her, make sure you don't touch the infected area with your bare hands and wash your hands and her hands often.


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