Home Remedy for Tiny Flying Pest

by Sylvia
(Macon, GA)

Hey Grandma, I love fresh air and it's gotten warm enough here (in Georgia) to sleep with my bedroom window up. Window screens are intact yet there are those tiny flying insects that can make it through those tiny holes. What do you recommend I place or spray on the screen to keep them away?

Thank you!

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Apr 20, 2013
Tiny Pests
by: Grandma

Hi Sylvia,

I'm a fresh air nut too...I have to have my window open at least a crack every night to allow fresh air to circulate through my bedroom, I do this even in the winter. In PA that fresh air can get pretty darn cold..:)There are times Grandpa gets a bit cranky with me about it.

My first thought is there must be something around your home that is drawing these tiny bugs, I'd check the outside area around your bedroom window to see if there is something that might be attracting them. The next thing I'd try is spraying the screen with hair spray. Buy the cheapest you can find, at the dollar store and just spray it all over the screen. If that doesn't work then I'd suggest you buy a second screen to place under your window and look for a much finer screen. Your local hardware store can help you with this.


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