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Hi Grandma I am 18 year old teenage who was heavy at time, now I'm working out and loosing weight, and realized some stretch marks dark and pink marks around my body,it dose not look good it makes me upset I do not want to look at my self in the mirror. Please help me to find a solution to fix it. Thank you Grandma.

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Nov 07, 2010
Stretch Marks & Dieting
by: Grandma

There are so many advantages to being on the right diet and losing unwanted weight but there are also disadvantages like stretch marks.

Things like Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil have been known to help with stretch marks but most reports are about pregnancy and applying things like this to help your skin be more flexable while stretching.

You might want to try buying some vitamin E tablets and breaking them open and apply directly to the marks, aloe might also be beneficial. The real trick though is being persisitant for a long period of time, like months before seeing results. Even then you may see fading but a bit of scaring left behind. It's worth a try though.


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