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Do you have any remedies for getting rid of annoying skin tags without having to go to a doctor?? We tried wart removal things but those aren't working. We don't like to use doctors and try to find any other way around them!
Thank you for the website! Have a great weekend.

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Mar 06, 2011
Strange Remedy for Skin Tags
by: Grandma


This one is going to sound really strange to you but I have had testimonies from people that tell me it works, but others say it don't. I think it's well worth a try.

I have a natural home remedy for arthritis on my website. All you do is soak a batch of white raisons in rum and eat 9 rum soaked raisons a day. Some people have said that the skin tags just started falling off after eating the raisons for a few weeks. One person said they even gave this recipe to their dog for a cyst that was growing on its side and after a couple of weeks the cyst went down and became flat and the dog absolutely loved the raisons.. I have to admit, that one cracked me up.


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