Home Remedy for Skin Problem & Sneezing

Grandma plz tell me
How to vanish the blemishes in the face?

Tell me what to do for sneezing?

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May 26, 2010
Cure for Acne
by: Barbara

I have had horrible cyst like blemishes (as well as other acne) on my face since I was young. I am now in my 50's and still get them occasionally.

I have found that the way to clean blemishes up quickly is to buy the homeopathic medicine called Silicea in a softer pill form (not the hard pellet form).
I add a small amount of water to make a soft paste. I then use the paste on the blemish at night. Usually the cyst will immediately start clearing after one night. But I may continue for several day.

Also a paste of aspirin has worked for me too.

May 17, 2010
Help for Skin Problems and Sneezing
by: Grandma


Simple egg whites are known to help with blemishes. Just swab your face with egg whites and let stand for 5 minutes before rinsing off. The protein and amino acid in egg whites have anit-inflamatory properties.

You could also try a paste made from onions and honey. Just slice an onion into a half cup of honey and cook until the onion is tender, then mash the mixture up and let cool. Put the paste on the problem area and leave it there for about an hour then rinse it all off. You should do this every night before going to bed. Within in few days you should see improvement.

As far as sneezing, you need to figure out what is making you sneeze. Most sneezing is caused by allergies and it's important to find what you are having an allergic reaction to. A neti-pot with warm water and sea salt is great for problem sneezing. If you don't own a neti-pot you can dissove some sea salt in warm water and use a dropper to clean out your nasel cavity. Make sure you blow your nose several times after using the nose drops.


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