Home Remedy for Severe Painful Pimple on Scalp

Hi Grandma,
I am 26 years old guy. I am away from home and my food style has changed. From past few months I used to find pimple like bumps on my scalp which were small. But from past few days I find that few of them are really big ones and it pains a lot. Because of this I feel one part of my head to be heavy and feel tired.
I usually keep my scalp clean. I massage with oil once/twice a week. Yes. I do have a little dandruff. I tend to have my hairs moderately long till shoulder.
Because of these problem I thought short hair cut would reduce the pain. Its been almost 2 weeks since i took haircut. One big bump was almost disappearing, one more emerged exactly at the opposite side. Again with the same pain. Surprisingly what I noticed was that, the part of the scalp where I had got the pimple earlier, has smoothed the surface with hair loss. I have attached a picture of it.
I kindly request you to help me regarding the hair loss, pain and suggest a remedy for these acne like bumps on my scalp.

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May 30, 2012
Scalp Pain
by: Grandma

The oil you are using on your hair may be causing your problem. The oil may be clogging the oil glands on your scalp and causing your scalp to break out. I'd try rinsing your scalp with 1/2 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with a 1/2 cup of warm water. Do this afer you shampoo and rinse your hair a couple of times a week. The vingear will help restore the PH balance to the skin on your scalp.


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