Home Remedy for Parasites in Stool

by Ash

I'm a 14 year old girl and I noticed little moving white things in my poo, and there were lots of them, I've researched it quite a lot and come to the conclusion that I have worms but I don't know how long I've had them for and it could have been ages, it's making me feel unwell and I'm sure it's just me scaring myself but I don't know what to do. I'm also scared of how to tell my mum and I don't what my brother to find out because he will bully me for it. Is it possible that it could kill me? Is there any way of avoiding going to see a doctor(my family hasn't got much spare money)?

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Jun 04, 2014
Parasites and Garlic
by: Grandma

Hello Ash,

My first advice is to tell your mother what you are going through, I'm sure she will keep your secret from your brother.

What you seem to be experiencing is known as Pin Worms. Believe it or not they are really common in millions of people. No, you won't die from them but you really need to take care of them right away. One of the most potent home remedies for Pin Worms is eating lots and lots of garlic and onions. You need fresh garlic cloves and fresh onions. When we need to eat fresh garlic we just chop the cloves into small pieces and put them on salads, on any meat being cooked or you can just chop it up and spread it on butter bread, fold it over and eat. Pumpkin seeds are also known to chase Pin Worms.

I wrote an entire page on home remedies for parasites on my other web site. I'd advice you and your mother to go to this page and read all about what you are dealing with and what to do. Just go to:

Once you are there, look in the left column for a button that reads: "Parasite Cleanse".

Please stop worrying honey, you'll be fine even if your mother decides it's best to see a Dr. about this. But I'd try the home remedies first or at least while waiting to get your appointment.


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