Home Remedy for Hair and Scalp Pain!

Hello Grandma,

I am desperate. I have been suffering with extreme scalp pain, with hair loss, and a burning-feverish scalp. It feels like my body is fighting my hair follicles. I am a 40 year old female, and I have had this for at least 8 years. I have exhausted myself trying to find answers from many, many medical doctors who have no idea what or how to help me.

My last doctor pointed his finger at me to say that my health is perfect, and then he hastily wrote me a prescription for an anti-depressant. I was so upset at his "solution", I cried from my gut! I am not healthy, yet he exclaimed that all my blood work is perfect.

I have recently been seeing an ideologist, who is a Native American. She put me on an herbal cleanse, and a parasite cleanse, and now a Liver Detox, and some herbs to help my thyroid. No fasting has been required, but I try very hard to eat mostly raw foods. I am a vegan.

I want to cry with the pain in my scalp, and the hair loss. I am desperate!!!! I have a family, but I can hardly think of anything else but my terrible, embarrassing, painful situation. Additionally, I had a terrible head-on collision when I was in high school, and suffered a coma with brain injuries, and many facial reconstructive surgeries.

I pray a lot too.
I am so sad. I hope you can help.

Thank you. Sincerely.

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Jan 30, 2017
Itchy scalp and hair loss NEW
by: Irena

My father passed away 7 weeks ago and is since then I have been suffering from a very itchy scalp. I cannot stop scratching. I even scratch in my sleep, which wakes me up.
I think the recent stress in my life has caused this reaction.
I have also suffered from hair loss and found out that on this occasion this was was due to iron deficiency anaemia.

Anyone suffering with hair loss, should check their thyroid function and also their iron levels. Women are very often iron defficient especially during their reproductive years due to their regular blood losses. I had to take gentle iron supplements like Spatone, which really worked for me.

I also read that apples are good for hair growth and I have gone back to eating an apple a day. I am getting better and noticed my hair is shiny again. I am now looking at natural shampoos to wash my hair, I want to avoid all these chemicals in modern day shampoo. I also wore a head scarf to stop me from touching my hair...it really worked. All the best to all sufferers out there.

May 24, 2016
Scalp pain
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. Dr diagnosed it as cluster headach but I don't think that it is that. The pain comes and goes. Have a pain right on top of my head, at the same spot that is the size of a dime. My hair is completely broken off on this spot. Very, very.painful. I suspect it is a reaction that was brought on by chemicals that was used on my hair. It is such a relief to know that I'm not the only sufferer. I'm still trying to find a solution to my problem.

Apr 05, 2016
Thyroid is what caused the condition
by: Anonymous

To all you people with hair scalp pain, you have a Thyroid problem! It's called "Graves Disease". See a Thyroid Doctor ASAP!!!

Jun 10, 2015
by: Anonymous

why isnt grandma replying??????????

Dec 24, 2013
My scalp pain
by: Laura

I've suffering from scalp pain also. I am 55 and I noticed my scalp hurts when I pull my hair back around 10 yrs ago. but, that was all. Now days my scalp hurts when I touch my hair or move my hair and all the time. I saw a dermatologist and he said your pain is from inside. he said use Tar shampoo for dryness. that has been very good and has stopped the itch. he gave me Triamcinolone Actonide Lot 1% drop to put on my scalp at night for a week only.
It helped but the pain is back, so I got a refill and am using is again.
Also, last time I dyed my hair it hurt very bad. I don't know what to do with pain and messy looking hair when I have to go to work every day. Thanks.

Aug 18, 2012
scalp pain n hair loss
by: nidhi

hello grandma...
i am very dippress ...i was suffring from alopecia areata (pachi baldness)from last 4 yrs. and i have taken lots of treatment for that in alopethy in homeopathy etc.from my treatment my hiper thyroid was dignosed .i have taken medicine from last 1 yrs.now my thyroid is normal and i have not any paches of baldness.but my problem is ihave lots of scalp pain and lots of.. lots of ..hair fall . i am jast 29yrs old ...what should i do ???

Dec 06, 2010
Scalp Pain and Burning
by: Grandma


I have to admit, after reading your submission lastnight I got so upset reading the way that medical Dr. treated you I just had to walk away and calm down before I could try to think about your situation and try to offer some help. First, nobody ever has the right to try to tell someone that there is nothing wrong with them when they are reaching out and begging for help. When someone is suffering from the kind of pain and discomfort you've been dealing with for so long there is, without a doubt, something wrong. I don't care what kind of education this guy has he needs some lessons in compassion, patience and learn how to admit he just don't know the answer.
The least he could have done is refer you to someone you might have the answer. Blood tests are only the first step in a diagnosis.

The first thing I would suggest is try to treat the symptoms. I would try heating some pure virgin olive oil in the microwave and massaging it into your scalp, be generous with it and wrap your head in a towel and just let it soak in for at least an hour. Then wash your hair with a very mild shampoo, like baby shampoo. Next, mix 1 cup of warm water with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and rinse your scalp with it. Do this severl time a week. I think this might help your symptoms but you still need to figure out the cause. At first I suspected it might be allergies, like food or something you're using on your hair or maybe a cleaning product you're exposed to. I doubt if it's food because of the diet your on. I do suspect you might be lacking in vitamins and minerals. Try taking your B vitamins, D3, and start taking magnesium everyday. I think the magnesium is really important and it might surprise you. It's well worth a try.

I'll keep you in my prayers,


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