Home Remedy for Child Continuing Cough

by Saadia
(Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A)


My son who is 3 and half years old has cough with phlem along with congested nose. We tried different medications which didn't work. Last time we visited his doctor he recommended inhaler and another medication for allergies. He also ordered x-ray which showed bronchitus.

Presciption cured it but after one month gap it started again. I tried honey and lemon tea for him, which seemed to help. Is this the right remedy for his condition or what you suggest and what should be the quantity and frequency of dose for him. And what preventive measure I should take for permanent cure for him?

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Jun 10, 2011
Child's Chronic Cough & Allergies
by: Grandma

Hello Saadia,

I'm so sorry your son is having so many health issues, I remember how scary that is.

I think your son's doctor is on the right track but I doubt if he's mentioning food allergies. I think your son might have an allergy to dairy, especially milk. He sure has all the classic symptoms. I know this because my son went through the same symptoms at your son's age and once I learned about food allergies and took him off dairy he was like a differnt kid. All of a sudden he was healthy and happy. I'd try taking your son off of all dairy products for about 10 days and see if you notice a difference in his health issues. If you want to read more about food allergies go to the button on the left that reads "Allergy Wisdom" and look for the link for dairy allergy.

I believe the lemon and honey will help his symptoms but I think the tea is making it too weak at this point. I'd just boil some honey and lemon and let cool to room temperature and since he has bronchitis I'd also add a couple of drops of whisky. Give it to him by the teaspoon full whenever he starts coughing. The whisky will help bring the phelm up and kill the bacteria this is causing the infection, the honey and lemon will soothe his throat and bronichial tubes.

I'd also make sure to have a vaporizer running at all times around him. Just put a pinch if sea salt into the fresh water, make sure you change the water everyday. This will also help bring the phelm up.


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